How to order


How to Get “Mo-uh” CAMP MIX!

You can order our CAMP MIX products right here on our web site — Click on Products to place your order using our handy shopping cart.

Each order comes with prompt service and with a pretty neat surprise.

Please note: We have a minimum order of six bottles. This can include one 4-pack and two bottles.

Outside the US? We don't ship internationally due to the high shipping cost.

Please e-mail us directly to discuss the shipping costs if you wish to place an order for CAMP MIX.

About our Web Site Policies

You can rest assured that our web site is safe and secure regarding your credit card and personal information. Here's why:

First, we do not and will not share any information you have sent us with anybody, anywhere…ever! We don't believe in that practice.

Second, we use PayPal to process all of our online orders. This gives you the option of paying with your PayPal account or with any major credit card. If you use a credit card, we never see your credit card number. All we see is what you have ordered. PayPal is in place specifically to protect you and your credit card and personal information from being shared or stolen.

We like it this way. We hope you do too.

Thank you for doing business with us…and mostly...for liking our CAMP MIX!

Your CAMP MIX Guarantee!

It's very simple.

If — for any reason — you are not 100% satisfied with any of our CAMP MIX products — at any time — we will "buy back" what you purchased.

No quibbling. No problem.

Your total satisfaction is our goal.